Club nights & Talks

Preparation for comps workshop (summer 2011)
Photo: Barbara Ford
Latest news:
Three new club nights - see below for details.

Pilots can do a lot to improve their flying without ever leaving the ground. It might be learning about the basics of XC flying, preparing for competition, understanding canopy handling skills/SIV or developing your flying at the highest level there is something for everyone. 

I do a series of talks for clubs throughout the year to help people learn more, become better pilots and have more fun in their paragliding. These are usually free although a contribution towards expenses is appreciated. If you would like me to do a talk for your club in your local area, please contact me to discuss possible arrangements.

Example events: 

Glider Control
An evening of interaction, film and talk exploring the skills which help keep you safe on your paraglider and allow you to more fully utilise its performance. Outline:
- Active flying and how to develop and practice the skills
- Collapses; stopping them early and handling them with the minimum of fuss when they do happen
- Cascades and how to avoid them
- Harnesses and how they affect handling and control
- SIV and pilotage

The Psychology of being a happy and successful pilot
Our state of mind has a profound influence on our ability to perform well in any field. The adventurous nature of paragliding and hang gliding makes the right mental approach even more important. Be prepared for more than a few surprises with this complex subject.

Thermals and Thermalling
The aim of just about every keen pilot is to be able thermal intuitively; to climb effortlessly to cloud base, whilst enjoying the ride. This talk unpicks the behaviour of thermals and 5 core techniques for mastering them.

Introduction to XC flying
Does what it says on the tin! 
- Sun 21st February 2016, 7pm, Derbyshire & Lancs Gliding Club.

RHADS briefing and flying from the Peak Disrtict
Allows you to be clued up and signed off for accessing special corridors around Doncaster airspace on good XC days.
- Sun 28th February 2016, 7pm, Derbyshire & Lancs Gliding Club.
- Tues 8th March 2016, 8pm, Boatyard Inn, Rily Green, Lancashire PR5 0SP.

Pilot Lectures - Improving your knowledge and preparing for the pilot exams.
These run most years during the winter, by arrangement. 

Future events

I aim to tailor my off season programme to meet the needs of pilots. From the Autumn onwards I am offering a number of evening and whole day events to help you develop you flying, including repeats of the highly sort after Cross Country Develpoment Workshops.Watch this space or contact me directly if you are interested in running one for your club.
Others popular events to look out for:
Advanced XC Flying
Developing your Canopy Handling Skills 
If you can't wait for one of the events or have more specific areas you wish to develop, then you may be interested in: Coaching and Courses - click here
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