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Approaching Weymouth - 220km from The Lawley!
At a glance guide
  • Introduction to cross country
  • Developing cross country skills
  • Advanced cross country skills 
  • Competition prep and masterclass
  • Performance coaching
  • Group development days
  • 1:1 training

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Developing Cross Country Skills: 
Saturday 7th November 2015. Wingbeat Club, Selkirk

This course blends the key ideas from the introduction to XC course and the steps on the way to top level XC flying. Aimed at both experienced pilots and ones to cross country flying. It will cement the corner stones for your future as you learn to master XC flying and take your XC to new levels. Click here for more information

Group Development Days 2016: 
Pilot development in Derbyshire. Photo Simon Ford

Dates by arrangement

Usually based in Derbyshire but with the option to travel to other areas; the aim is to get the most possible out of the day.
To help you develop your general flying, cross country skills and confidence, you will get site guiding, weather analysis, in-depth briefings and group XC flying if the weather permits.
Usually you will be part a group organised by you, but it may be possible to take bookings from individual pilots.
For more details click here.

Cross Country Development Workshops

This cross country workshop will draw on Pat’s deep understanding, developed over 20 years of XC flying. It will analyse and develop the main aspects of XC flying on PG and HG in the UK.
Pat pulls ideas from the knowledge from the very best UK XC pilots including Richard Carter, Richard Westgate, Adrian Thomas, Mike Cavanagh, Gordon Rigg, Bruce Goldsmith, Barney Woodhead and Phil Colbert to name a few. 
These one day, ground based workshops, which are offered during the winter months, are highly interactive. They are designed to help pilots digest the contents and be able to put their learning into practice. These workshops are done by arrangement with clubs or groups and can be delivered in your area.
Contact me to discuss possibilities.

Competition Preparation and Masterclass
Whether you are a world class competitor or a normal pilot with a small amount of XC experience, competitions are one of the very best ways to improve your flying, challenge yourself and have fun with a great community of pilots. This course is aimed at 4 types of pilot:

  • Pilots with no comp experience who want to give it a go.
  • Pilots who have already competed and now want to up their game.
  • Pilots who have already had considerable success and now want to move to a higher level.
  • Pilots who want to refresh and update their knowledge of comp technique and strategy.
More details can be found here.
This event is being arranged by special request and is provisional at the moment. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested.
Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is a ground based, remote coaching package lasting one year. It is aimed at developing and established pilots including elite level; in fact anyone who is striving to develop their own flying and find the missing ingredient to move to a new level. Currently on this programme are PWC and national level competition pilots, keen XC pilots and pilots only a year or so into their flying career.
Cruising near Annecy, France.
Performance coaching takes a fresh approach to pilot development. It reaches the parts that other courses and coaching can’t reach.
Cost for the year's coaching: £250
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1:1 Training

The ultimate in personal flying development. Whether it is technical mastery, unlocking your potential or just finding out about and improving your flying in a totally personalised way, 1:1 training is bespoke to you.

Done as a full day, we arrange things so that we fly together as part of the experience. The lead up to the day plays a crucial part in finding out how I can help you improve. Analysis and feedback throughout the day help you make the steps to getting the maximum benefit.

Normally we fly in the Derbyshire Peak District due to its central location in the UK plus its great sites for all types of flying and all wind directions within a small radius. You can even travel by train and I'll collect you from the station!

This video (click here), courtesy of Cross Country Magazine helps to give a flavour of what you might experience. It is actually of me being coached by Chrigel Maurer. The full article can be read in Cross Country Magazine Issue 155
Please contact me to find out more and discuss options.