About Me

Off on glide above Pedro Bernardo (photo Tom Payne)
Philosophy: Fly higher, further, better, faster - no glass ceilings.

I believe strongly that every pilot can improve: become more skilled; achieve more; become safer and most importantly get more fun out of the sport. Helping other pilots to improve is for me, one of the most rewarding aspects of being involved in paragliding.

Whether you want to gather knowledge and understanding, discover new ideas or you just enjoy mixing it with like-minded pilots, my talks and workshops should help you along your way.

Working on the right thing at the right time will make all the difference to your flying. You may be preparing for major competitions, refining your XC skills, starting your journey as a cross country pilot or maybe working on the fundamentals of being a safe, skilled and happy pilot. My coaching and courses are purpose designed to help you bring the magic ingredients together.

The first stage in helping you develop as a pilot is to find those crucial elements, both physical and mental, which will allow you to move to the next level in your flying. It’s about identifying where the blocks to progress are. Once we know what the goals are, I can work and fly with you, to help you achieve those goals.

About me 

I have been captivated by paragliding since 1990 and the passion burns stronger than ever! It has been a busy 25+ years, which has seen me get married and raise a family alongside, flying XC, competing at National and International level, coaching other pilots and learning to hang glide.

My interest in wing development has enabled me to be a reviewer of paragliders for XC Mag and before that Skywings magazine. I lost count of the number of different gliders I have flown when I passed 150!

I hold a Senior Coach rating and am part of the Pilot and Coach Development Panel with the BHPA. For over 10 years I have been working to develop the skills of other pilots and this must be one of the most satisfying things I have had the privilege to be involved in. That, along with doing big XCs or steaming into goal at the end of a competition task!

I currently fly a Advance Omega X Alps having moved on from my Gin Boomerang 10. The Boomerang 10 was simply the best glider I have ever owned and it was incredibly satisfying to fly. Having such performance obviously comes at a price of workload so I am happy to have a more relaxing glider but one with great performance. I also have an Advance Zeta free-style wing for playing and keeping my glider handling skills sharp.

My lovely wife Ruth is proving quite a force to be reckoned within paragliding and flew for the British team in the Europeans in 2016. She has just taken delivery of her Ozone Zeno for 2017. I'd better not rest on my laurels...