25 January 2017

FlyFurther - a new cross county event in Slovenia

I am really looking forward to a brand new event "FlyFurther" which I am privileged to be involved with in June.

FlyFurther is a cross country flying event aimed at helping pilots learn more, improve their PBs and have adventures flying in the wonderful Julian Alps in Slovenia -  a location of many record flights over the years. 
I'll be working alongside:
- Brett Janaway of xTc Paragliding (who is also chair of the BHPA comps panel, many time meet director and one of the most experienced fly-guiders around)
- Alistair Andrews (exceptional XC pilot and guide)
- a wider team of seasoned professionals to help with all the organisation, transport, retrieves, instruments etc.
There will be coaching, talks and advice throughout the week-long event. Every day we aim set three tasks of different lengths (generally out and return or flat triangle) but following similar routes. You choose which you want to attempt each day after you have heard the extensive briefing from Brett who knows the area like the back of his hand. We expect that 100km+ flights will be done by quite a few of pilots on the better days.Each day you will be able to down-load your track logs and get an "official" distance for your flight. There will be a post-flight debrief where we will unpick a selection of track logs (with the pilots' permission of course!) to see what worked well and explore areas to develop.
To compare FlyFurther to a competition, there are similarities and differences. Like a competition, there will be a group of enthusiastic pilots with broadly similar aims; you will be flying with others so it will help you make route choices and find thermals and there promises to be great social side. Unlike a competition there are no stressful start gaggles, complex tasks to programme into instruments or competitive rankings published each day. And most importantly there will much smaller numbers to ensure that everyone is looked after and gets much closer support.
Registration is now open and is filling up fast. At this stage everyone is on the waiting list and the final selection will be made soon (probably in the next 3-4 weeks but possibly sooner - so don't delay).You can find out all the information about the event here: https://flyfurther.org/about.html
I will be blogging regularly as we lead up to event here.
Hope to see you in Slovenia!

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