16 February 2015

Gin Boomerang 10

After much agonising and talking to as many World Championships pilots as I could, I finally opted for the Gin Boomerang 10 as my weapon of choice. Taking delivery of my first ever Gin wing was a pleasure!

The construction and detail are staggering and Gin have a beautifully finished product. My all-up weight of about 95kg is 5kg below the top and seems a good place to start and I can go a few kg lighter or heavier with ease.

I have only flown it on a local site with ridge lift and little meaningful convection, but the initial impression  was awesome. The best word I can use to describe the handling is "creamy." The turn is immediate and easy; belying the 7.7 aspect ratio. Hooked up to the Genie Race 3 harness there is a nice integrated feel. Another strong impression is the fast trim speed. A few brief periods of acceleration to three quarters bar really had me moving around the sky as you would expect. 

Early impressions of the launch characteristics were pretty favourable. The inflation seemed a little bit steadier and more linear than can often be the case with this class of glider. There wasn't a reluctance to catch the air or a savage acceleration. I need a windier day to explore this more. The tips are a bit cravaty on the ground. 

Can't wait for the next opportunity to get out!