01 July 2014

Spanish Champs Day 2

Pre-frontal conditions gave the chance of a classic long flight to goal just shy of 160km. Sensibly an elapsed time task was set to cut down on time spent waiting in potentially windy lee-side conditions.
I delayed my start a bit as climbs were weak in the early afternoon, although I didn't play too much brinkmanship and rejected the idea of waiting for the final gate. It was a really mixed flight with tough bits and fantastic bits. About half way through the task I became part of a nice group of 4, with an Icepeak 7 and two Enzo 2s. We could have been quicker but we made progress without risk so it was better than going alone. I was really happy with my climbing and the handling of the Icepeak 7Pro in the rough stuff.
Classic Piedrahita and view of the Kobo (Richard Perks)
At around 120km goal was looking very achievable so I pushed on from the group twice only to be caught again when the strong climbs I'd hoped for didn't materialise. The third bid for freedom worked and a decent final glide had me into goal in the first few, of the coach load the eventually arrived. The score sheet will reveal who got the elapsed time strategy right!
Thanks to Richard Perks for allowing me to use a picture.

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