30 June 2014

Spanish Championships Piedrahita

Day 1
A great starter task of a little under 70km after a front had cleared during the night. We had 2 turnpoints before the start which meant that the field formed into to different groups. Having turnpoints before the start can fool some instuments. No problem on Flytec and Flymaster but LK8000 did not appear to support that option. Any ideas?
Once I had re-tuned to my IP7pro, having been flying the Sigma 9 for the Cross Country Magazine review for the last 2 weeks, I started to really enjoy the task. I found myself in the leading group as we negotiated the pass. The NW wind meant we were over some higher terrain but it proved hard to find a strong climb. We had to watch 2 groups over take in orbit as we got the necessary height to glide over the poor area to the east of the pass. Our group fragmented and we lost all momentum. Frustrating. Thankfully the conditions were good from then on, but all hope of a high finish had gone. I left for final glide needing 14:1 and arrived at goal at over 700m!
Steve Ham has blogged on his excellent Fly Piedrahita  website that today looks set for a big task. Pee tubes at the ready!

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