06 March 2014

Thermals - the taste of things to come

The wettest winter on record doesn't seem to have stopped the early spring thermals forming despite a few gloomy predictions from some pilots. It will be interesting to see how all the damp ground affects things. I fully expect lots of big flights again this year although climbs may be a bit more gentle and start a bit later in the day until the ground really dries out. Weak lift often means reduced sink in between so I think its is "business (pretty much) as usual" for this season.
I've been getting out on Nova's Ion 3 (low EN B) and SuSi Q (hike and fly) for Cross Country Magazine. Both are proving LOTS of fun and perform very impressively. The SuSi Q has the most amazingly easy ground handling I have ever come across. More on the wings to come in the full review.
SuSi Q 18 (Photo Helen Gant)
Thanks to Helen Gant for the photos. The first in the SuSi Q just launching for a fly-down before the day got going.

Later on, me and the Ion 3 had really nice thermals, not quite to cloud base but plenty of height to go exploring!
Ion 3 (Photo Helen Gant)

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