23 March 2014

Cross Country Workshops - reflecting back

Many thanks to all the pilots who came to the North of England events and the South of England ones in collaboration with Flybubble.
Every time I do these courses I love getting the ideas and perspectives from different pilots and this is one of the important things which allows the courses to continue to evolve.
We had one really interesting discussion about the 5 thermalling methods and why some pilots can find one or more of the methods tricky to apply. Method 1 (count and turn) is a basic method which is intended to get pilots deep enough into the area of lift before they turn. The problem that can occur links to the amount of time that it can take a pilot to initiate, build up and complete a turn. If they a quite slow, it can often lead to them falling out of the far side of the lift. If you find this is happening to you then starting the turn earlier, say after 1 or 2 seconds instead of 4. As with applying any method of thermalling, the key is to be flexible: swap between methods as appropriate and subtly adjust within each one and you will soon be climbing like a cork!
Many thanks also to Greg Hammerton for putting together a great video from the courses. You can watch Greg's video here.

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