07 January 2014

New Events: XC development with Flybubble

I am delighted to announce a new collaboration with Flybubble to offer a special event in the South of England. Actually it's two events over two days. Before the season properly starts, we are aiming to give pilots the best possible leg-up for their XC flying. Pilots can attend either or both of the days depending on what their needs are. Day 1 is the renowned XC workshop, refined and developed for 2014. It puts all the foundations in place for successful and rewarding XC flying. Day 2 is Advanced XC Skills, which picks up where Day 1 leaves off to build the skills and knowledge of the true advanced XC pilot.

The dates are February 24th and 25th, which due to heavy weekend schedules are a Monday and a Tuesday. We hope to see lots of you there. Book your leave now!
Many thanks to Carlo at Flybubble for making this possible.

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