04 June 2013

The Gin Wide Open - a great success

Great for me and great for Gin!
This comp put smiles on lots of faces throughout the week in Meduno (Northern Italy). I lost count of the number of pilots achieving their first competition goal flights; in the down time, there were lots of interesting talks and opportunities to learn; the hugely generous sponsorship meant lots of pilots left with something special.A really nice touch was the award of prizes for all sorts of different achievements, not just the top of the leader board. The 5 major prizes (Glider, harness, reserve from Gin, holidays with XTC or Passion Paragliding), were all done by a draw, so everyone was in with a shout.

Local school trip to the goal field (Photo: Barbara St Aubyn)
Toby Colombe and Brett Janaway did a magnificent job on the organisation. The Gin team representatives Petra Slivova (Womens' World Champion), Torsten Seigel (Test Pilot) and Andy Beevers (Marketing and Communication) added a lot to the week. Petra helped many see how to develop their flying, Torsten's talk on glider design was fascinating. I enjoyed doing a talk on the psychology of succeeding in and enjoying competitions. A massive subject, but lots of good feedback!
I was delighted with second place in the event and congratulations to the wily Petra on her victory!

The Gin Wide Open is set to continue and next year is heading for Ager in Spain. Highly recommended!
Some of the winners! (Photo: Steve Newcombe)