09 May 2013

Joint Services Paragliding Personal Bests

More congratulations, slightly belatedly and reflections on some great achievements last week. I had the privilege of doing some XC development work with the Army Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club who hosted the event.
The obvious cloud to head for.  Photo: Colin Hawke

Well done to Andy Claxton, Martin Baxter for their PBs and Pete Gallagher for a wonderful ton from Corndon down to south Wales. The weather came just right, so as well as doing lots of the ground work which goes towards successful XC flying we were able to find some nice conditions for putting the skills into practice.
The cloud in the picture worked well as you would hope from the solid appearance and dark base. However many on the day were much shallower and less distinct. Even though their shadows looked solid on the ground, the actual appearance gave away the fact that there was much less lift. Reading the ground sources was just as important on this day and the big groups of dark fields were the reliable options.

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