22 May 2013

Happy Wednesday at the Gin Wide Open and flat land cycles

The excellent Wide Open sponsored by Gin has been cursed by a low pressure system, but finally we had a task today.
Using a mixture of the main Meduno ridge and the flat lands, there were easy sections and less easy as well. The lead gaggle all got really low whilst trying to reach the last turn point into wind. It was a case of bad timing, because the flat lands shut off for a while. Most of the gaggle landed but a few of us backed right off a few hundred meters from the turn point and had to painfully drift in zeros the wrong way, undoing all the progress made! Eventually the climb got going but not before we had drifted several km away. The next group of pilots over took us at cloud base whist we struggled back into the race. The flat lands had switched on again and once up we were treated to a buoyant glide and regular climbs all the way to goal.
The Meduno Ridge and nice building cumulus
Days often cycle and sometimes it is just a matter of hanging on until switches on again. Petra Slivova (multiple comp winner) showed her class by reading the changes best and was first into goal on her EN B Gin Atlas.
Happy faces in goal!

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