08 February 2013

Glider Control

I am running evening of interaction, film and talk exploring the skills which help keep you safe on your paraglider and allow you to more fully utilise its performance. Outline:
- Active flying and how to develop and practice the skills
- Collapses; stopping them early and handling them with the minimum of fuss when they do happen
- Cascades and how to avoid them
- Harnesses and how they affect handling and control
- SIV and pilotage

6pm Saturday 16th Feb at the Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club. No booking needed, free to all DSC members and guests. Hope to see you there.


  1. Dear Pat,

    Is there any possibility of the talk and the narratives getting on your site ????
    Maybe the not so fortunate, who r far away, can also benefit....
    Group Captain Raj

  2. Hi Raj,
    It's a good idea. Last time I tried to have one of my talks filmed the quality was not really usable. I will try and see if we can get a way round it. If you are in the UK I can often come to a club, but if you are further away. It might be tricky!
    Bruce Goldsmith's SIV Bible
    and Jock Sanderson's Security in Flight 2 are both well worth looking at.

  3. I can really recommend Russell Ogden's presentation on glider control. There is no video footage with it but it is brilliant!
    You can find the link in my blog post of 19th October.