17 February 2013

Packed turnout at the Glider Control Lecture

Many thanks to all of you who rounded off a great day's flying to come and learn more about the best techniques for controlling your glider. I am also indebted to all of those experienced pilots who turned up to contribute their wisdom to the debate.
The first day of spring?
Just a selection of the right ideas:
- think seriously about extra training, over water to develop your skills.
- check your harness adjustment.
- look carefully at how you hold the controls; could it affect your response in an extreme situation?
- airspeed is your friend.
- hold the rear risers when gliding, whilst keeping the brakes in your hands. This allows you feel the glider and have gentle pitch control. In rough air if control is becoming difficult, let go of the risers and control with the brakes.

I have become more and more interested about the intricacies of high level glider control and went to Flyeo to work with Fabien Blanco on developing my glider handling skills for the first time a few years ago. Its now its a regular part of my own development. I can say it has made a huge difference to my flying!

08 February 2013

Glider Control

I am running evening of interaction, film and talk exploring the skills which help keep you safe on your paraglider and allow you to more fully utilise its performance. Outline:
- Active flying and how to develop and practice the skills
- Collapses; stopping them early and handling them with the minimum of fuss when they do happen
- Cascades and how to avoid them
- Harnesses and how they affect handling and control
- SIV and pilotage

6pm Saturday 16th Feb at the Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club. No booking needed, free to all DSC members and guests. Hope to see you there.

06 February 2013

Competition Preparation and Master-class

The snows cleared in the Peak District and my 2-day master-class went ahead unhindered. I had a great mix, from pretty experienced comp pilots right down to pilots just starting out on the competition journey. The group worked really hard for the 2 action-packed days. Although flying was a option during the course we focused on the ground based learning which can make such a difference. It was a good challenge to cater for all. The feedback was tremendous and I presented many ideas that many of the pilots had not heard before and certainly not practised.  I also challenged some of the conventional thinking about how to develop your competition flying which went down very well.
As we know, there is so much more to doing well in competitions than just being a decent pilot!

What is your plan? (You need to get to A TP on the mountain in the distance , just right  of centre).
I can't wait to run this course again!