20 January 2013

Colombian Paradise

I had been promised stress-free racing at the Colombian Open in Roldanillo. However the driest season they have had for years turned the volume up several notches! What I hoped for was fantastic XC racing and a chance to push hard in a high quality field and the competition delivered in spades!
This was my first comp on the Icepeak 6 and having a competitive glider was great. I promised myself a steady first task and got to goal as planned, but was surprised by the hot pace of the field. Task 2 was a disaster with a 30km bomb out on a 100+km task. What was frustrating was that it was indecision more than anything else which led to the early landing.
Playing with the cloud before the start

On glide under a classic Columbian sky

Chasing Luciano on his Swing Core 3
A severe review of my mental and physical approach did the trick and the rest of the week was much better. My goal was to be very part of the lead gaggle, lead out from it when the opportunity presented itself and get closer to a task win. I can't say it was plain sailing; the delicious mix of speed and risk (of landing) was ever present. I relied on probably my lowest save ever off a flat field (40m AGL). I led one task for many km before not managing to outwit the chasing pack as the day shaded over. 24th overall though not spectacular had some golden moments.
The task win will have to wait for another day but lots of pieces of the jig saw dropped into place this week!

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