04 September 2012

Longest ever UK competition goal?

On Friday I had the pleasure of setting a 108km race to goal for the British Paragliding Cup in the Peak District. I had committed to helping the BPC and looking after our 8 and 10 year old so that my Ruth do the comp; so I then had the agony of watching pilots climbing out and starting the race whist I went swimming with the kids.
The first I knew about pilots' progress was a text from Ruth, who was down at about 80km. She reported a lot of cirrus and an unhelpful cross wind. Had I over set the task?
Eventually the word came in: 6 pilots in goal, led by one of the best XC pilots I know, Phil Wallbank. Result! Congratulations to all and commiserations to Ruth. She was top woman though!
The 2012 BPC Podium. L-R: Graham Cummings (3rd), Phil Wallbank, (1st, )Ed Cleasby (2nd) and Ruth

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