09 September 2012

First Outing on my Icepeak 6

After 2 days of strong winds and frustration I finally got out on my Icepeak 6. I probably didn't have the ideal conditions for the first flight: broken early afternoon thermals with surges to 3m/s; an inversion; gusty wind and a tricky cliff launch site (Nant Sarah's in the Pennines). Most of the locals were complaining about the air after short flights and were contenting themselves with waiting for things to settle.
Ground handling and launch were absolutely straightforward and just as I would expect from a well sorted EN D glider. In the air it dragged me into thermals and absorbed turbulence with relatively little flexing. On bar it sliced through the sh*t very nicely. I suspect I was having a nicer time the guys on the lower end gliders! Thermalling was great and I really liked the direct feel and precision. I still love the M4 but the IP6 is altogether a sharper tool. Just what I was after. I really expected to that I would need to work much harder on my first flight. I have to say that my expectations are exceeded; I love this glider! Niviuk have produced a remarkable tool; thanks guys.
It is great to be part of the team. To find out about the Nivuik UK Team click here.
For the Niviuk UK homepage click here.

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