02 June 2012

British Championships: Round 1 Closes

No more tasks: RATS! So Emile Van Wyk took the victory and is obviously placed ideally for the second round in Spain. It was a very interesting competition with some very high profile bomb-outs, testing pilots' mental strength in subsequent tasks. I expect plenty of changes in the current British ranking.
Meduno landing field on the final (stopped) task. 
I did a straw poll of about 25 pilots flying a wide variety of wings and only one had had a collapse of any significance in 4 tasks of racing. It was by no means smooth so that must be great testament to the gliders, the pilots and the task setting!
The down days gave us a bit of time to chat about what's what in paragliding gear. Summary: the Enzo is excellent and the Icepeak 6 is very close. The EN Cs go well and the traditional EN Ds like the Mantra M4 are still fantastic gliders with wonderful performance across the speed range. The C-Pilot Pro flight computer/vario is staggering, but don't even have a look unless you have cool grand to spare!