01 May 2012

Epic Flying in Scotland

The brutal English weather sent pilots from all over England up north of the border. Prize for the longest journey goes to Hugh Miller from Brighton although he did cheat by taking Easyjet!
Saturday gave pilots a 6000' cloud base at Glen Coe, however the NE wind appeared that it might be a bit strong for closed circuit flights. Some opted for downwind flights over some serious scenery with Trias the best of the bunch with 109km.
Photo: Ruth Churchill Dower

Photo: Ruth Churchill Dower
However, 8 pilots used the strong climbs, cloud lines and the terrain to complete FAI triangles. Mike Cavanagh  showed his mastery with a 111km score.
Sunday was predicted to blow out at Glen Coe and so it turned out. A group of us went even further north to fly above the beautiful Loch Glass, north of Inverness. The locals outclassed the rest of us with Julian Robinson and Brendan Reid both doing beautiful flights. Both had the confidence and skill to transit 20km+ of terrain with no roads at various points in their flights. Kudos gentlemen!
Me? I was happy to use my best height or 3700' to stay local rather than dive off into the boonies. I had a ball finish flying off flying the Artik 3 for the Cross Country Magazine review. Big thanks to Niviuk UK for letting me put 15hrs on their demo glider. Its the best EN C I have ever flown. Full stop.
Lessons from the weekend? A bit of planning goes a long way. It is not always possible to see roads before making big glides into remote unknown territory, but a bit of map work before launching helps take some of the guess work out of the flight.

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