30 May 2012

British Championships: Meduno (Italy)

The forecast was so dodgy that some people didn't even come. Yet so far we have had 4 taskable days out of four. Two were completed with some excellent but technical racing. Steve Senior, Emile and Jamie Messenger are fast and astute and are setting the pace on their Ozone Enzos. I had a good run today on my Mantra M4 and made goal, but only after having to move up and down the gears a few times. Yesterday I rolled the dice and threw a double 1 late in the race and ended up a few km short of goal.
The area is beautiful and the flying really enjoyable. On the the southern edge of the Alps and facing the flat lands, Meduno offers a great range of flying. The locals could not be more helpful and welcoming; they are even allowing us to use their category D air space!
Two tasks were stopped: one for a cu-nimb and the other for a helicopter which was picking up Neil Roberts. Neil clipped a tree on landing approach in strong wind and has stable fractures in 3 vertebrae and should make a full recovery. Get well soon mate!
                                                                        Looking west from launch, before the low level inversion broke.

The forecast looks promising for more flying. Rock on!

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