29 January 2012

Great racing in Mexico at the Super Final

Valle de Bravo in Mexico has to be one of the most consistent places to fly in the world. The boys and girls in the Paragliding World Cup Super Final will be exhausted by the end of the comp! This is one of the first competitive outings for the new EN D gliders, so is being watched with great interest. Although significant numbers of top pilots chose to stay away, it is still a very high level competition. The Ozone Enzo is showing strongly, but is by no means certain to win, with Niviuk's Icepeak 6 also figuring in the overall top 10. The Gin Boomerang X has a task win under its belt, but the gossip suggests it doesn't quite have the glide performance of the other two, particularly at speed in turbulence. Unfortunately there has been at least one altitude shredding cascade and several reserve rides, but thankfully no serious injuries. I think it is too early to draw many conclusion from this. Ideally there would be no incidents, but Mexico does give strong, challenging conditions and these pilots will be pushing very hard. Factor in the reality that most will have had very little training on their new gliders and should we be surprised? I think that it supports the view that banning the competition class gliders is nowhere near the complete answer for competition safety.
For a good, no-nonsense view from the inside Brett Hazlett's Blog is well worth following. Thanks for posting Brett!
The full results are on the Super Final organiser's website here.

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