04 January 2012

Exciting wings for 2012

2012 looks like another fascinating year for wing development. We won't get the cutting edge, blistering competition gliders again, at least for a while, but there is plenty of rustling of new fabric in the EN C and EN D classes!
In the EN C class, my eye has been caught by Niviuk's Artic 3 and Gradient's Aspen 4. Both are looking like being nice improvements on their already decent predecessors, but will they be able to move ahead of the splendid Advance Sigma 8 and the delightful Ozone Delta?
EN D is in turmoil with no one really knowing just how hot some of the new gliders will be. The PWC Super Final in a few weeks will give our first proper look at the EnZo, Icepeak 6, Swing Core 2 etc. We should get an idea of what goes well but safety could be hard to judge from one competition flown exclusively by the super talented. And what about the Gin Boomerang X? Information is hard to come by, but I am hearing that it could be a direct replacement for the GTO i.e. more like a classic EN D.
There are quite a few others I could mention; we are blessed!
I have been chatting with the Editors at XC Magazine so have got my shout in for reviewing some of the new gliders soon. Can't wait. Happy new year!

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