12 December 2011

Stalemate at meeting of the PMA and testing houses

We are not out of the woods...

The testing houses are sticking to their role as objective testers against the EN standards. They make will make no distinction "classic" EN D wings and the new "race" EN Ds. Either a wing passes EN D or not. I got all excited on Friday when I read the CIVL Task Force Interim Report and blogged about it soon after. Many of us are disappointed by this latest statement, as sorting this distinction out could be an important building block for sorting out the competition chaos.

I still hope that we can save the Serial Class. It is great stepping stone to the top level and is also the resting place of many exceptionally talented pilots who choose not to fly the most challenging gliders. If Serial class morphed into something else, for example EN C gliders, pilots would face a massive leap to the top level. Can that be a good thing?

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