15 December 2011

Role for PMA or DHV in certifying Comp Gliders?

Two really thoughtful posts from Ulli Prinz on PG Forum got me thinking.
There is pretty wide (though not universal) agreement that some sort of certification of competition gliders would be a good thing. One of the many problems is that the EN certification, whilst working well for grades A-C, does not appear suited to competition gliders. Too inflexible, test pilot too passive, 5 year change cycle.
So is there a role for another body testing just the top end gliders; i.e. complementing the work of the EN testing houses?
If the paragliding world can get this sorted we can keep pilots of all levels happy. We have vibrant a Serial class and Competition class and the research benefits continue to feed into the development of the other glider classes.
As an aside: Ulli is a very knowledgeable talented and successful PWC pilot, who I had the privilege of meeting and flying with in September in Annecy.


  1. I think this is a good idea that someone will certify paragliding pilot. To raise the standards of our pilots.

  2. I think you are absolutely right. Some pilots need protecting from themselves!